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Sex Story

It was quite refreshing to date a young college student. I was tired of dating boring corporate executives and wanted someone new as a partner. Then, one day opportunity knocked on my door. My date was a 19 year old college student who wanted to celebrate this special occasion with someone special.

He arrived in my apartment on time. The guy was quite a handsome bloke having dark brown hair, green eyes and muscular body. He looked like a royal price just ready for a ball. As soon as he was comfortable enough, we hit out at popular discotheque for some fun. We got close enough while dancing and indulged in little bit kissing too. Overall, we got comfortable with each other in disc that helped us in taking our relationship to next level.

We didn’t wait to kiss each other passionately as the apartment door was shut. Within a minute, our clothes were on the floor and we were on bed having fun together. He kept on kissing me on lips till he move over to his favorite area i.e. soft bosom. He touched, kissed and played with them a lot. Suddenly he came on top of me and kissed all over my neck. He held me tight in his arms and lifted me a little from the bed so that he can play again with my soft bosom. It was first time I was seeing a guy so passionate about my chest.

Moving back to story, the guy moved his lips all over my body. Suddenly, he spread my legs apart while sitting and rolled his tongue on my clean pussy. I shouted with excitement when he did this. In-fact, tears started rolling from my eyes. I kept on saying, “Please don’t, please don’t in excitement.” But, he didn’t listen at all and continued eating my pussy till it was lubricated enough. When he saw my vagina enough lubricated, he inserted his huge cock inside

my body. His cock just slipped on entering. He held me tight in his arms while his cock rotated from all angles. Soon, I had an orgasm and in excitement I scratched his back with my long nails.

After that, we kissed each other on lips and then went to a deep sleep.

My date left the room before going out. But, he did leave a thankful note for such a wonderful performance and promised to visit me back.

I really enjoyed having sex with him and wished I could have more of these kinds of guys.