Models in Turkey

When I dressed up as a school-girl.

One of my best sexual encounters was when I dressed up as a school girl. My client was a middle-aged IT guy who fantasized about school girls.

He picked me up to dawn his favorite role. I arrived in his apartment dressed as a naughty school girl. I wore a sexy white shirt along with short skirt and a bag on my shoulder. Being 20 years old, it was quite easy for me to play this role. In-fact, when I arrived at the hotel suite, their staff thought of me just like any other school girl

I arrived at my client’s hotel room on time. The guy made me comfortable first and after the general introduction took me straight to bed. For some moments, he kept admiring me from top to bottom. I felt goosebumps in my stomach when he did this. He untied my hair, and touched my lips with his rough fingers. He laid me down gently on the bed and looking lovingly into my eyes and fastened his lips on mine. We were on fire as our lips touched each other. He was too good at kissing. Within a minute, his tongue was moving in my mouth. I closed my eyes to involve in passion and embraced him tightly in my arms.

He took a short break from lip locking and tore away my white-shirt and bra to get a feel of my lovely bosom. He fondled my bosom gently before fastening his lips on them. I felt a sensation between my legs as his lips touched my nipples. Unlike most men, he was more gentle with me in bed. He was aware of sensitivity about woman's breasts, hence kissed them softly while playing with me.

He again went for French kissing after playing with my bosom. But, this time he moved down over my neck while kissing. I embraced him tightly and widen my legs to show him that I was ready to accept him. He unzipped my skirt along with underwear. I jumped with excitement when his hands ran over my bosom. I giggled like a child when he did this. He spread my legs apart and then inserted his cock deep inside my body.

He moved his cock in all directions slowly in my body. With each move, the excitement was getting on my nerves. I held the pillow tightly to control my excitement. Suddenly, he increased his speed and pushed himself further into my body. I started panting heavily with excitement and within minutes of getting intimate achieved my sexual climax.

My client too was tired after his sexual adventure and slept beside me. He bought me a new dress when I work as my school dress was in pretty much bad shape. He kissed my hands and thanked me for satisfying his desire. He promised to call me again.

I hope he calls me soon because I love having sex with him. In-fact, it was one of my best sexual encounter